It’s been a really stressful week so I treated myself to a little shopping spree and this is what I got:

  • Fancy grown up wine glasses
  • A kimono
  • A Jurassic Park boxed set, Serenity, and Jason X (all under $5)

Here are some selfies ✌️

Things this weather make me excited about:

  • using my crockpot to make all sorts of warm comfort food with lots of squash and nutmeg
  • starting a new journal
  • wearing all my sweaters and buying some new ones (yes I’m still doing the french wardrobe and I think my September purchase will be a swing style trench coat)
  • dark lipstick and dark nails 
  • snugs

Friends and family over the last 2 weeks ☺️

Family is very important.

So I’ve officially decided to do a FRENCH WARDROBE

This is going to be the most difficult challenge of my life because I love buying clothes, but hopefully this will get me to start thinking about fabrics, fit, quality, longevity, and help me avoid trends. If you want to join me (or are just curious), here are the rules:

  • Buy 5 items of clothing per season. Fashion has 2 seasons: spring/summer, and fall/winter. So 10 items of clothing per year. This will force me to consider items for a long time before making impulsive purchases, and encourage spending money on key items to achieve my ideal aesthetic. 
  • Basic items do not count (socks, underwear, a white tee shirt that has a hole and needs replacing)
  • Accessories do not count, unless they cost a lot (I imagine a new Michael Kors handbag WOULD count)
  • Shoes count (ugh)

I’m going to start on Pinterest, making a board for my desired “new wardrobe,” to see where my priorities lie. Right now, I know for a fact I want black acid wash jeans and a leather jacket. Then, I’ll make a list of items I want. Ideally, those items will stay on the list for several months before I actually make a purchase. This week, I’ll also clean out my closet and give away any clothes that don’t fit anymore, I’m bored with, or that I haven’t worn in over a year. Reddit put this process in a much more concise list:

  • Item inspiration
  • Wait and consider
  • Evaluate your list
  • Window shop
  • Make the deal

I’m sure I’ll break at some point and buy a cute tee shirt at a thrift store, but hopefully this will get me moving in the right direction toward the aesthetic I’ve always dreamed of but never been able to acquire. Keep an eye out in September for some ramblings and pictures. Cheers!